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Wetland Mitigation Farm

The National Wetlands Mitigation Action Plan was enacted by the federal government in 2002.  Its goal is to maintain no net loss of U.S. wetlands.  This means using a credit system to ensure that any wetland loss is offset by the planting of new wetland species elsewhere.  This credit system works by allowing businesses or … Continue reading

Birding in Couturie Forest

Couturie Forest is a small 33 acre preserve enveloped within the lagoon system of New Orlean’s City Park.  The established plant communities sustained heavy damage after Hurricane Katrina, and invasive species began to take over the forest.  A Master Plan for the forest was drawn up by a local LA firm – Spackman, Mossop + … Continue reading

Grow Dat Youth Farm Project

New Orlean’s City Park has several interesting projects under construction.  One that can be viewed from the intersection of Golf Drive and Zachary Taylor Drive is the Grow Dat Youth Farm.  This farm is part of a collaborative program by Tulane City Center, the New Orleans Food and Farm Network, and City Park.  It was developed for … Continue reading

Lost Cities of Louisiana

The towns of Ruddock and Frenier lie just along the western shore of Lake Pontchartrain on the strip of land dividing Lakes Pontchartrain and Maurepas.  In their advent they were small railroad towns, both with different economical backgrounds: Ruddock was primarily a Cypress logging town, while Frenier was colonized by German cabbage farmers.  Logging canals … Continue reading

Fall Colors at Clark’s Creek

Clark’s Creek in the late Fall is quite stunning with the foliage of Beech Trees and other native plants changing subtly as they senesce.   The hike was beautiful and showcased the delicate orange, red, and yellow leaves set against an evergreen backdrop of Magnolia and Pine.  The water level was low, with trickles dripping … Continue reading