Lost Cities of Louisiana

The towns of Ruddock and Frenier lie just along the western shore of Lake Pontchartrain on the strip of land dividing Lakes Pontchartrain and Maurepas.  In their advent they were small railroad towns, both with different economical backgrounds: Ruddock was primarily a Cypress logging town, while Frenier was colonized by German cabbage farmers.  Logging canals and pull-boat ditches still scar the swampy landscape.  In 1915 a hurricane devastated the two towns- killing hundreds and washing away most of the houses and land.  Today Ruddock is almost non-existent with a couple of camps situated underneath I-55 and the rest of the land slowly reverting back to Cypress-Tupelo swamp.  Frenier is more populated with a large boat launch and around 30 camps dotting the small village.  It shows no evidence of the old 1800’s settlement and, excepting a couple of boat trailers parked near the boat launch, feels ghostly and abandoned.

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  1. Josh Brooks says:

    Cool topic! I’d love to see more

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